Caraway oil benefits:
It relaxes the muscles in the stomach and intestine.
It works as a soothing and calming stomach.
It expels stomach gas and swell.
It is used as an adjunct in treating gastric and duodenal ulcers
And treatment of colon infections.
The nursing mother helps to generate milk if mixed with fenugreek and the pill.
Treats kidney infections.
Treats bronchitis.
It reduces asthma.
Prevents normal cells from turning cancerous.
Fights the goiter.
Eliminates foot odor.
Treats hemorrhoids.
Relieves joint pain.
Treats colic.
Relieves menstrual pain.
Improves appetite in children.
Protects the muscles.
Protects against vomiting and nausea.
It stops nerve cramps.
It helps the baby sleep for long hours.
Increases milk in the mother’s breast.
It addresses the problems that a pregnant woman faces.

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