Paper types
Printing paper
It is a light paper, the weight of a square meter of between 44 and 120 grams, and is used in the printing of offset, notebooks and books.
Photographic paper
Photocopy paper is light paper, common paper weights of 70, 75 and 80 grams per square meter, and is used in photocopiers and laser and office printers.
Newspaper paper
It is a light, low-strength, short-lived paper that is highly impregnated for liquids.
Magazines paper
It is similar to newspaper paper, but it is distinguished by its clear luster, and makes both types of chemical extracted pulp.
Cardboard paper
There are two types:
Polygon type: It consists of several layers and is used to produce packing boxes.
Gray type: It is manufactured by drying pulp pulp used in special kilns, instead of drying rollers, and is used in binding of various publications.


The pulp used in its manufacture is treated with different chemicals and is coated with layers of wax where it is used for food packaging.

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