Watercress oil is oil extracted from watercress, sold in perfumery stores, and it is considered one of the most important recipes used to solve hair problems that all women and men suffer from, and it works to:

  • strengthen hair follicles.
  •  Stimulating the bloodstream of the scalp by massaging it with watercress oil,
  • helps to lengthen and strengthen hair.
  • It prevents hair loss.
  • It  Helps get rid of dandruff problem in the head.

Health benefits of watercress:

  • It is an important source of vitamin B6, which is important for controlling the level of sugar in the body.
  •  It increases the body’s ability to fight diseases, and increases the body’s immunity.
  •  High source of iron important for strengthening blood.
  •  Fresh watercress provides the human body with energy and vitality.
  • Watercress helps to strengthen the eye and fight diseases that may affect it.
  •  One of the most important uses of watercress is its use in treating hair problems, and this is one of the things that eastern women are most concerned about, considering long and thick hair a sign of beauty in our eastern society.

Quick Details

  • Sample: Available
  • Keywords: Pure Oil
  • Payment: T/T L/C
  • MOQ: 2 Ton
  • Usage: Medical and cosmetic
  • Classification: Analysis certificate before shipping if required
  • Port: Any Egyptian Port
  • Storage way: Keep out of sunlight
  • Shelf Life: Shelf Life: Users can expect a shelf life of 2 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). It may go cloudy in cool conditions but will return to its natural state once warmed.
  • Item Name: Essential oils
  • Color:
  • Place of Origin: Egypt

  • : Carton

Packaging & Delivery

  • Selling Units: Liter