We are a leading company in export and general supplies

Our services: Export and General Supplies
1- Sea freight:

Offers suitable rates to almost any port in the world.
Selects only reliable steamship carriers, having competitive transit times, and offering the lowest possible rates.

Links United will handle all arrangements to have the container trucked back to the pier for ocean shipment to the port of destination.
After the vessel leaves the port, Links United will issue the bill of lading with the name, address and telephone number of the agent.

All documents will be hand delivered directly to you, or they can be forwarded in any manner you direct. All above services can be provided to you inside & outside Egypt through Links United.

– We handle considerable share of the LCL market with great expertise due   to the following.
– Rapid unloading at Alexandria and Port Said and etc

on carriage to all major   cities.
– Special care is taken to provide a fast & smooth delivery of your   shipments through our experienced and efficient staff at our Alexandria   branch.

2- Air freight

Through our airport office and experienced air freight personnel we have managed to establish a strong air freight base for world wide in and outbound air freight services.

3- Warehousing & distribution

Understands all aspects of warehousing and distribution from logistics planning to stock management.
We have a great experience in meeting customer requirements enthusiasm and energy.

Based in our IT and communications facilities using the latest equipment and processes we distribute to a worldwide customer base.
Working as a team and continuing to evolve with new technology, the department always aims for the highest levels of customers delivery and logistical requirements.

4- Custom Clearance

Duty rates, customs clearance, and entry processes differ from country to country.
Tariff classifications, value declaration, and duty management can create confusion and increase costs. Customs and security initiatives have imposed new regulations on companies that make it more challenging than ever to trade internationally.
Our customs clearance experts produce compliant entries time after time, moving your shipment through customs efficiently and minimizing delays.

5- Inland transportation

Transportation for cargo with full trucks through our worldwide agents.
Also transportation of group age cargo (LCL) from various major cities to all Egyptian ports.
The service that we offer is tailor-made to ensure adequate protection of the goods and arrival of the products in excellent condition.
Through the use of our own trucks, associated major trucking companies or the Egyptian railways company, we are in a position to offer special rates to customers for all cargo types as well as oversized and overweight cargo.

6- Door to Door service

As a result of our all inclusive services, we handle door to door consignments smoothly relying on our best air & sea freight, reliable inland transportation to / from inland destination, comprehensive international coverage by our offices and agents worldwide, as well as professional custom clearance & documentation staff.