Tomatoes are considered to be self-pollinated vegetable crops that belong to the nightshade family ,IN EGYPT come first among vegetables crops in terms of annual cultivated area, production and consumption, and they are consumed either fresh or processed. By using the correct scientific recommendations, starting from choosing the right variety while providing the best conditions and transactions, the productivity of the unit area can be increased, which reduces the cost of production and increases the return.

* We would like to provide a wide range of tomato paste and sauces that are sold in the market after checking the quality of our experts at our center for measuring quality. We use tomatoes rich in organic materials, salt and allied ingredients to make tomato paste and an excellent sauce. The incorporation of high technology manufacturing machinery helps in our mass production because we are able to perfectly match the quality with the requirements of food manufacturing.

** free from artifical colorants.

** rich in antioxidants.

Quick Details

  • Sample: Available
  • Keywords: Tomato Sauce
  • Payment: T/T L/C
  • MOQ: 20 FT
  • Classification: Analysis certificate before shipping if required
  • Port: Any of the ports of Egypt
  • Color: Red
  • Place of Origin: Egypt

  • : Jar, Tinplate cans & Packet 50 g

Packaging & Delivery

  • Selling Units: Kg